Admission and study visa application process can be exasperating and really complex and not a task you would want to do alone or on your own. You will be amazed at the degree of the advantages you will enjoy consulting with our highly trained and experienced professionals and allowing us get you to your study destination seamlessly.
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1st Move

Meet and talk with our trained study counselors


Register with Airstar Education Konect

3rd Move

We help apply for admission

4th Move

You have an offer or offer letters

5th Move

Meet conditions on your offer & Pay your tuition deposit

6th Move

You have the letter from the school to apply for your student visa

7th Move

Undergo medical tests (where applicable)

8th Move

Gather your supporting documents

9th Move

Lodge your visa application & submit biometrics

10th Move

Receive your Visa

11th Move

Pre-departure preparation

12th Move

Travel to your study destination / Enrollment


Each University and course have different eligibility requirements so be prepared and open-minded to make provision to meet the requirement as applicable to your choice of program or institution. In some cases, a pre-masters or foundation pathway is required. These requirements could include:
- Health requirements
- Specific program required examination
- Portfolio
- Etcetera

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