Our Commitments

To be your trusted counselor exploring the specific and fitting study options for you with your best interest at all times.
To be your trusted aide walking you through each stage.
To stay in touch with you even after your successful enrollment
To maintain the cycle to those you refer to us

Airstar Education Konect Services

We work with a wide range of accredited and good ranking universities around the world to deliver to you the best course options in alignment with your study goals. The nature of our service is:

- Interconnected
- Tailored to your study goals in line with the institution and visa requirements
- Top-notch career advisory
- Flight Advisory and enrollment guide
- Multiple study destinations

Documents to assemble:

- Your International Passport
- Detailed and Updated CV
- All Academic transcripts and certificates
- Two (2) academic and/or Employment references
- English language test (Academic IELTS, PTE or TOEFL) – this, in most cases, can be waived.
- Details of Sponsorship
et cetera

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